• The STERIONIZER™ ionization concept is an excellent solution for all food processing, food packaging and food storing areas with critical requirements of air purity and sterility.
      The system ensures reliable and consistent conditions, helps to reduce the spread of pathogens.
      The basic principal is the permanent flushing of the area with clean air reinforced with positive and negative ions.
      These charged oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂- have high chemical activity and when reacting with water molecules in the air, H₂O₂ (Hydrogen Peroxide) is formed. A chemical reaction occurs and oxidants break down the protein structure of pollutants, rendering them harmless.
      STERIONIZER™ system keeps air ducts, air heat exchangers and air handling units clean and supplies ionized air in enclosed areas.
      Each ionizing device is completely maintenance free and can be connected to a data-bus for supervision and monitoring.
    • FILT AIR Ltd. has developed the STERIONIZER™ technology, a bipolar ionization module that brings natural air in to living environments. The STERIONIZER™ restores the necessary ion levels in closed spaces.
    • The STERIONIZER™ module can be easily integrated with various types of air treatment applications, including air conditioners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and air fans / blowers.
    • The STERIONIZER™ module takes air treatment system to a higher level – compared to existing market solutions.
    • The STERIONIZER™ modules are protected by several patents worldwide.


    The STERIONIZER™ prod­uct fam­ily is designed to cover dif­fer­ent cus­tomer require­ments (air­flow type, bal­anc­ing, and instal­la­tion) in a sim­ple way. In order to com­ply with these client needs, the STERIONIZER™ array of prod­ucts have been devel­oped under iden­ti­cal mechan­i­cal and elec­tronic inter­face schemes, dif­fer­ing only in spec­i­fi­ca­tions. The STERIONIZER™ win­dow unit is based on the same tech­nol­ogy, but dif­fers only in dimen­sions in order to solve prob­lem of instal­la­tion in small places — such as the lou­ver of an A/C system.



    • LAMINAR air­flow has to be par­al­lel to the ion open­ing plane and have equal speed at the pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive ion output
    • TURBULENT air­flow may be tur­bu­lent and the only lim­i­ta­tion is that the air­flow vec­tor should not drive air into ion openings
    • THE STERIONIZER™ effec­tive only if the ions are dis­si­pated in airflow
    • THE STERIONIZER™ not to be pow­ered unless the inte­grated sys­tem is oper­at­ing and gen­er­at­ing the required airflow


    • SELF BALANCING — ion level is always bal­anced due to the phys­i­cal design con­cept of the unit
    • ION BALANCE — unit is bal­anced in the range defined, which fits the stan­dard required ion level

    ION OUTPUT defines the Ion level out­put for the unit
    OZONE LEVEL defines the ozone level out­put and has to be com­pli­ant with Amer­i­can stan­dard: 0.050 ppm