• The STERIONIZER™ disinfection concept is an excellent solution for all food processing, food packaging and food storing areas with critical ­requirements of air purity and sterility.
      The system ensures reliable and consistent conditions preventing the build-up of germs and bacteria.
      The basic principal is the permanent flushing of the area with clean air reinforced with positive and negative ions.
      These charged oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂- have high chemical ­activity and when reacting with water molecules in the air, H₂O₂ (Hydrogen ­Peroxide) is formed. A chemical reaction occurs and oxidants break down the protein structure of pollutants, rendering them harmless.
      This process enables halting and controlling the growth of microbes and bacteria in a particular area.
      STERIONIZER™ system keeps air ducts, air heat exchangers and machinery clean and supplies sanitized air in enclosed areas..
      Each ionizing device is completely maintenance free and connected to a data-bus for supervision and monitoring.
    • FILT AIR Ltd. has devel­oped the STERIONIZER™ tech­nol­ogy, an inte­grat­able bi-polar ion­iza­tion mod­ule, that brings nat­ural air to your liv­ing envi­ron­ment. The STERIONIZER™ restores the nec­es­sary ion lev­els in closed environments.
    • The STERIONIZER™ mod­ule can be eas­ily inte­grated with var­i­ous types of air treat­ment appli­ca­tions, includ­ing air con­di­tion­ers, air puri­fiers, dehu­mid­i­fiers, and air fans / blowers.
    • The STERIONIZER™ mod­ule takes air treatment system’w to a higher level – compared to existing market solutions.
    • The STERIONIZER™ modules are protected by several patents worldwide.


    The STERIONIZER™ prod­uct fam­ily is designed to cover dif­fer­ent cus­tomer require­ments (air­flow type, bal­anc­ing, and instal­la­tion) in a sim­ple way. In order to com­ply with these client needs, the STERIONIZER™ array of prod­ucts have been devel­oped under iden­ti­cal mechan­i­cal and elec­tronic inter­face schemes, dif­fer­ing only in spec­i­fi­ca­tions. The STERIONIZER™ win­dow unit is based on the same tech­nol­ogy, but dif­fers only in dimen­sions in order to solve prob­lem of instal­la­tion in small places — such as the lou­ver of an A/C system.



    • LAMINAR air­flow has to be par­al­lel to the ion open­ing plane and have equal speed at the pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive ion output
    • TURBULENT air­flow may be tur­bu­lent and the only lim­i­ta­tion is that the air­flow vec­tor should not drive air into ion openings
    • THE STERIONIZER™ effec­tive only if the ions are dis­si­pated in airflow
    • THE STERIONIZER™ not to be pow­ered unless the inte­grated sys­tem is oper­at­ing and gen­er­at­ing the required airflow


    • SELF BALANCING — ion level is always bal­anced due to the phys­i­cal design con­cept of the unit
    • ION BALANCE — unit is bal­anced in the range defined, which fits the stan­dard required ion level

    ION OUTPUT defines the Ion level out­put for the unit
    OZONE LEVEL defines the ozone level out­put and has to be com­pli­ant with Amer­i­can stan­dard: 0.050 ppm